Whilst we use and have faith in the software listed below, downloading and using it is your decision and your responsibility.

COMPUTER STUFF- (Its all free!)

Much of the information we send to members is in PDF format and requires a PDF reader to open it. Most computers already have Adobe Reader so any PDF file emailed to you will open automatically. However if you cannot get attachments with names ending in .pdf to open then you need a reader. Foxit is a great little (FREE!) PDF reader. Just click the link above to download it.

This programme will check your system on comand, searching out and destroying spyware that has found its way into your system. Some spyware has the potential to degrade the performance of your computer, no spyware is necessary. This program will remove it for you.

 Probus Stuff:

ProbusSouth Pacific is the official National overseeing body for Probus Clubs throughout Australia, New Zealand and all of the South Pacific area. Your first stop if you can't find what you want here.


Convert Australian dollars to or from most other major currencies. This always shows the current rates as of that minute.

Find the street directory for any builtup area in Australia and, if you wish,

how to get there by car or foot from anywhere else in Australia. 

Google Earth

Just enter any place address into the search bar and you will have a satellite photograph for pretty well any place on Earth. You can zoom in or out; around 800 feet above sea level is as low as you can go without losing definition, but you can see plenty of detail from there, (you can see the washing on the line at our place!)

You can also ask for directions from one place to another and the route will be superimposed on the photograph. Images are updated at irregular intervals. At the time of writing the Denmark WA images were taken about Christmas 2003. More heavily populated areas are updated more frequently; Heathrow airport in UK was updated in 2010.

You need Windows XP or a later version to run this software.

Bob ran a motel in Page, Arizona, near the Grand Canyon.
He was also a poet. I stumbled onto his website many years ago, he gave me permision to use his poems in our newsletters and became our unofficial "poet Lauriat" for quite a while. He died int 2011. Read some of his humorous verse by clicking the above link..

If you find that any of these links have stopped working
we would be grateful if you would let us know.


   Photo credits: Banners - by Kelly Jones,