Welcome to Denmark Probus

Probus Clubs around the world have been set up at the initiative of the Rotary Club. A need was seen to provide an organisation for retired and semi-retired business people that follows on from Rotary.

Previous membership of Rotary is not a prerequisite to membership of Probus, though, and "business people" is usually taken to mean anyone from a worthy vocation or work area. Probus Clubs are very 'social' in their activity. Our constitution states that we shall be non political and non sectarian, will not endorse any candidate for public office and shall not attempt to influence the policies or decisions of governments. Neither are we a fund-raising body for social benefit. This tends to make us sound very insular perhaps; but this is not so. Our members are free to, and do, pursue a great number of interests and many are very active in their community. The Club itself, though, does not push any political barrows or work towards any end save the well-being of our members through a caring interaction within the Club. It is there for the benefits that flow to members through social interaction.

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   Photo credits: Banners - by Kelly Jones, i4design.com.au